Free Picks From Doc’s Sports

There are some who consider a sportsbook to be a sanctuary, while others see it as a place of utter chaos. There are those who avoid it entirely and avoid it altogether before the game begins, but let’s face it: you are going to bet money at one point or another, and a sportsbook is here to stay. Luckily, you can get some great free picks from Doc’s Sports on almost any matchup.

Pay per head

Using pay per head at a sportsbook is a great way to run your business from home. Instead of paying a commission per bet, you pay a set fee each time a customer places an active bet. Pay per head sportsbooks can also offer many other betting options, including prop bet builders and live in-game wagering. Pay per head sportsbooks also allow you to manage the business without the need to hire a full-time employee.


The point spread is one of the most popular wager types in sports betting. This bet type is a bet on the team with the highest point total to win. You can win a bet on a team that has a smaller point total and still win if you bet on the point spread. The point spread is a great way to place a bet because the payout amount is fixed. However, sportsbooks can change the payout amount on a spread bet.

Moneyline odds

Before you place your first bet, make sure to check the Moneyline odds at a sportsbook. Favorite teams don’t always translate into payouts that are worth the risk, and betting on underdogs at positive odds is a sure-fire way to lose money. Keep in mind that each sportsbook has its own house rules and policies, and they may not always apply to your wager. You should always check the odds for previous games and compare them to the current ones.


The different types of sportsbook bonuses vary, but generally they’re offered as a percentage of the amount you deposit. These are usually valid only for the first time, and the rollover requirements vary between 20 and 35 times the amount you deposit. Bonuses at sportsbooks generally expire after 30 days, though some can last for a year. A bonus can be used as additional cash, as well as for real money wagers.

In-play wagering

The vast selection of in-play betting options can be overwhelming for a newbie sports bettor. Moreover, the efficiency of in-play wagers is often lower than their pregame counterparts. As a result, a novice bettor should avoid making a wager unless they are a pro. Listed below are some advantages of in-play wagering:

Payment options

The number of sportsbook payment options is vast. While many sportsbooks offer more deposit and withdrawal options than other types of betting, some accept just a single method. A popular deposit option is credit card, which cannot be used to make withdrawals. However, some sportsbooks do accept debit cards, which are only accepted for deposits. In such cases, you’ll need to check with the sportsbook to see what options are available to you.